My mum Rene (Alice Irene Flitney née Harding) died in 1999. When my brother, sister and I went through her things we found an envelope full of old newspaper clippings and other bits and pieces. We looked through the papers and put the envelope away, but those yellowing pieces of paper keep whispering of half-forgotten times and places. Places like Butlers Cross, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, West Wycombe, Little Kimble, Wendover, Ellesborough, Southcourt and Princes Risborough.

Monday, 20 July 2015

I will be back!

I’m afraid I’ve rather abandoned this blog over the past couple of weeks. If you’ve visited my other blog over at March House Books you will know that apart from researching my family, I also run a second-hand book business.  However, that is about to change. I made the decision to close the business and a 65% off everything (which continues until the end of July) sale enticed lots and lots of people to buy.  I’ve just not had a moment to prepare a post for this blog, but I will remedy that as soon as I can.

My cousin John is busy working on the next part of his story so you have that to look forward to. I've also got one or two ideas for a new Sepia Saturday post so hope to get onto that soon. 

March House Bookshop is now closed.


  1. Hi Barbara, Yep! I'm busy researching, re-searching for all those photos I found the other day and put somewhere handy. Trouble is I forget things so quickly these days and lose things just as fast. It gets worse when one loses the note telling one where the list of thing to remember has been placed...........Ho! Hum!
    Coming soon..................

    1. Hi John, I know that feeling, I write a note to remind myself to do something then write another one to tell me where I put the first one!
      There is absolutely no hurry John, just whenever you can. Keep re-searching those photos, I’m looking forward to seeing them. Have a happy day. x


I really appreciate your comment. Thank you!
Barbara x

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